1:1 YOUTH 

Improve performance and lengthen careers

1:1 In person
Youth Training

Oftentimes, youth athletes are overloaded with sport-specific training, when what they really need is strength and conditioning. If you want to give your child the best shot at a healthy & long career in sports, they need to start with a solid foundation. This is done through:

    • 100% customized training based on their goals, asymmetries / imbalances, and needs of the sport
    • Age appropriate modifications until athletes can demonstrate the necessary adaptations, endurance, and strength
    • Purposeful progression with movement foundations to carry over to sport

1:1 Virtual
Youth Training

Through the wonders of technology, we’re able to offer the same foundational training for youth virtually

These sessions are for individuals – we do offer youth group classes if you are interested in that! They will get the same attentive coaching, movement correction, progression, and integral education that they would in an in person sessions, all from home

1:1 Hybrid
Youth Training

If you want to utilize our in person and virtual youth options, you can do both

Whether you’re too far away to get your kids in to see us every session, or you just like both formats, you can use our Hybrid training model to get youth training in person and virtually. We recommend booking your initial appointment in person (though of course it can be virtual if you prefer) then you can schedule a combo of either moving forward

Looking For Youth Group Options?