HELIYO Workshop : Training The Mental Muscle

- Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Athletes -

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right - Henry Ford

Athletes train their body day in and day out, analyzing everything they do to help optimize their performance. During those training sessions, how often do they train your mental muscle, the brain? Odds are there isn't a lot of thought into thought! Introducing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Athletes presented by Rob Feiner LPCC.

CBT is based on the principles that thoughts influence feelings, and feelings influence behavior/actions and actions influence our results or life circumstances. Using the cognitive model, you will learn to identify your own patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You’ll come to understand how your thoughts shape how you feel, and how they impact your life in and out of the gym. Once you become aware of your own unhelpful thought patterns, you will learn to change them. The thoughts that once led to anxiety, fear, or lack of confidence will be replaced with new, productive alternatives. You will be in control of your Mental Muscle!


WHAT -- Interactive group workshop for training athletic mindset


WHO -- Open to all athletes of all levels (Newcomers -- Plateaued -- Competitors)

WHERE -- HELIYO Athlete Lab || Divergent CrossFit

WHEN -- Saturday, October 6th @ 1pm

PRESENTERS -- Rob Feiner LPCC  ||  Corydon Marrs, DPT