Questions about Physical Therapy?

Unlike most physical therapy clinics, HELIYO PT provides direct 1:1 care by your DPT for the entirety of your appointment.  We don’t waste your time or money with ineffective practices. You won’t be charged to use heat pads, electrical stim, or ice. We don’t double book – you are the only patient on your DPT’s schedule.  We have a passion for delivering expert treatment PLUS education. We want you to leave feeling empowered.

You will begin with a 60-90 minute evaluation with a HELIYO Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Your evaluation starts with a comprehensive history, noting prior injuries, athletic history, and day-to-day life activities. After, we look at your posture and take you through a series of movement tests. Then you will go through a head-to-toe physical to fully assess your body as a complete system.  Using a combination of your intake responses, movement tests, and physical, your HELIYO DPT will provide you with a synopsis of their findings and lay out a logical path forward for future treatments.

Yes!  We make sure that you leave feeling better after your first visit.  Depending on your diagnosis, your HELIYO PT will perform manual therapy and take you through the beginning of your corrective exercise program.

After a full evaluation, you will be given exercises through our mobile app. Your program is designed specifically for you and your body, and will update automatically as you progress. That way there are no plateaus!

That depends on your diagnosis and severity, but at HELIYO we pride ourselves on minimizing the number of treatments needed.  We accomplish this by accurately diagnosing patients, focusing on education, and empowering patients to become an active part of their recovery outside of the clinic.

Comprehensive evaluation to determine correct diagnosis

Manual treatment to help alleviate symptoms

Personalized corrective exercise program, delivered through our mobile app.

Detailed plan of care for long term solutions

Includes Remote Corrective Exercise Program


Non-Medical Service

Questions?  Fill Your Brain With This: 

This service is similar to a PT Eval, but is for proactive individuals without a medical necessity who are interested in general health and wellness, injury prevention, and body maintenance.  Don’t wait for your body to hurt before seeing a DPT — stop problems before they start. Individuals with a medical necessity should schedule a PT Eval and should not use this service.

You have a medical necessity if you can answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  1. Has your condition has previously been diagnosed by a medical professional?
  2. Have you recently undergone a surgical procedure related to your primary complaint?
  3. Have you recently suffered significant illness, injury, disability, or pain related to your primary complaint?
  4. Do you have a referral from your physician for Physical Therapy?

2 hour comprehensive evaluation to determine correct diagnosis

Manual treatment to help alleviate symptoms

Personalized corrective exercise program, delivered through our mobile app

Detailed plan of care for long-term solutions

PERFORM Membership Benefits:

25% discount on ALL SERVICES*

Fees count as credit

60 min of Session with DPT included monthly

Priority booking and perks

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