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One-on-one training sessions with an experienced functional fitness coach lasting anywhere from :20 to :60 depending on your schedule.

We offer two main types of sessions: 1) skill or technique sessions (e.g., you want to improve your clean & jerk, get that first muscle up or improve your golf swing), 2) return to sport/fitness (e.g., you’re coming back from an injury and need help establishing the correct movement patterns to come back even stronger than before).

Consider this one-on-one work with a HELIYO specialist the diamond in the rough — this is the trick up your sleeve that elevates your performance above and beyond what others are doing. If you want to see long-term progress, you need to work on the foundation FIRST. The best part is that these sessions are ALWAYS part of the larger plan to help you achieve your movement goals — they follow the same HELIYO Method principles based on Natural Movement, Quality, and Purposeful Progressions. Because who doesn’t love when someone asks you “What’s your secret?”…

Unlike our fitness coaching 1:1 sessions, these sessions won’t leave you in a puddle of your own sweat. The point here is to establish correct neuro-muscular control throughout static and dynamic muscle activations — ranging from the most basic patterns (“Engage your scaps!”) to the most complex (“Stay hollow on the ascent!”). You can expect a whole lotta’ mental focus during these sessions — but that brain workout is 100% worth it when you hit that breakthrough and see your performance improve!

Just like our fitness 1:1 coaching, you’ll spend an initial visit doing a baseline movement assessment (directed to your specific skill, recovering injury, or movement), talking over goals with your coach, and getting that first movement session in. After that, you can choose to book sessions a la carte OR [the smarter, cheaper way] via a HELIYO Membership. Not sure if it’s right for you or how many sessions you need to book to get the results you’re after? Book a consult with a HELIYO team member {here}.

1 Hour Session Including:

- Baseline video movement assessment

- Establishing personalized goals

- Your first movement session

Membership Benefits:

- Discount on all HELIYO services

- Membership fees applied to services

- Priority booking and perks

- Unlimited access to Recovery Services

- Month to month = no long term commitment

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Questions?  We've Got Answers! 

A joint-by-joint and phase-by-phase breakdown of any movement you choose. We analyze the biomechanics of your movements patterns and provide recommendations to enhance your power, speed, efficiency, and control.

Our team of experts will jointly review and analyze your movement — so you’ll get a full report detailing your movement efficiency from start to finish.

Nobody knows movement like we do. We don’t just see a body in motion — we sees muscle fibers contracting, tendons loading, neurons firing, and blood delivering oxygen. With VMA, we can correctly identify faulty motor patterns, compensating and high-risk joints or muscles, and opportunities to enhance or maximize motion based on your unique build (biomechanically speaking, that is!)

We strongly recommend giving VMA a shot if you feel you’ve plateaued on a specific movement OR you feel a movement is causing chronic pain. The sooner you address faults, the sooner you correct them…the sooner you PR!

Having Trouble Deciding Which Product Is Right For You?