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One-on-one training sessions with an experienced functional fitness coach lasting anywhere from :20 to :60 depending on your schedule.

We aren’t your average personal trainers. All our coaches are certified, nerdy, and passionate about coaching you through a workout that is part of a grander plan to guarantee you smash your goals — no matter what they are.

Each session will leave you feeling sweaty & accomplished. You’ll work HARD and feel that sweet, sweet ‘high’ of adrenaline, intensity, and progress. Whether it’s functional strength training, conditioning, or skill/technique-based work, you’ll feel CONFIDENT that you’re maximizing your time at the gym and progressing toward your performance goals. Because if you aren’t SURE you’re moving closer to your goals, why are you training so hard?

HELIYO has developed a proprietary training methodology based on human physiology, logic & experience. We train our clients following the three HELIYO Method core principles: 1) NATURAL MOVEMENT, 2) QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, and 3) PURPOSEFUL PROGRESSIONS.

You’ll spend an initial visit doing a baseline movement assessment, talking over goals with your coach, and getting that first sweat sesh in. After that, you can choose to book sessions a la carte OR [the smarter, cheaper way] via a HELIYO Membership. Not sure if it’s right for you or how many sessions you need to book to get the results you’re after? Book a consult with a HELIYO team member here.

1 Hour Session Including:

- Baseline video movement assessment

- Establishing personalized goals

- Your first workout

Membership Benefits:

- Discount on all HELIYO services

- Membership fees applied to services

- Priority booking and perks

- Unlimited access to Recovery Services

- Month to month = no long term commitment

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Daily fitness programming delivered to you via our HELIYO Mobile app, including warm ups, workouts, directions, and video demonstrations of movements.

HELIYO has developed a proprietary programming methodology based on human physiology, logic & experience. We program for our clients following the three HELIYO Method core principles: 1) MOVEMENT QUALITY & COMPLEXITY, 2) EXERTION & RECOVERY and 3) LONG-TERM, PURPOSEFUL PROGRESSIONS.  If you want to accelerate your progress and guarantee results, it’s time for a proven and purposeful program.

Activity Based Programming: If you are training broadly in a specific sport or activity, this is the option for you. While not 100% customized, it’s far more specific and purposeful than a general training protocol. If you have specific needs/weaknesses, the program automatically tailors itself to meet those needs. For example, if you’re a runner who needs more work on glute activation, the running program may be the same as other runners, BUT you’ll receive customized exercises to focus on glutes.

Custom Programming is the most personalized option we offer. Intended for elite athletes, athletes working through injuries, or athletes with specific goals (ie Spartan Race, CrossFit Open, etc.). You’ll have direct access to your coach daily via messaging to talk workout results, track progress, and ask questions.

You name it and we know it. We’ve worked with all types of athletes — runners, CrossFitters, weight lifters, swimmers……{enter your sport here}.

Pay monthly for a program tailored to your sport or training method

Pay monthly for a personal coach and custom-made program.


Recovery services include Game Ready compression/cryo, Compex electrical stimulation, and old school icing.