Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A high-tech treadmill that unweights you.

  • Patented NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology
  • Uniformly reduces gravitational load and body weight in precise 1% increments using a pressurized air chamber

Train Like The Pros 

  • Increase capacity: Train more volume with less joint strain
  • Reduce injury risk: avoid compensation injuries

Rehab Like The Pros 

  • Rehab sooner: less strain means ability to rehab earlier in the post-injury or post-surgery process
  • Return fitter: keep conditioning at the appropriate level for you during recovery


If you need inspiration or a training plan, we can help you build it. We offer personalized training plans based on your goals and your needs. Book a free consult here to get started.


If you’re a HELIYO member, you automatically get a 25% discount on the AlterG for personal use. Your membership fees can be applied to AlterG sessions at your discounted rate!

Pretty much! If you want to use the AlterG on your own, you are required to complete an initial session with a HELIYO Team Member to 1) introduce you to the machine and use policies and 2) ensure your safety and fit for unassisted use. After that initial session, you can book in the AlterG session online for personal use! 

The fancy moon shorts connect you to the anti-gravity bubble. If you’re using the AlterG with a specialist or a la carte on your own, you can use HELIYO shorts (we wash them — scout’s honor). 

Learn to use AlterG 

Run without pain

Train intelligently

$20/20 minutes