$20 / month

Address all Upper Body mobility and stability outliers. Spend 20-30 minutes each day shutting down overactive muscle tissue and rewiring the muscles you should be using in day-to-day activities and in CrossFit.

Program includes

  • Upper Body biased mobility and stability including soft tissue release of the biceps, triceps, and forearms
  • Activation progressions to stabilize the upper body through dynamic range of motion


  • 20-30 minutes in duration
  • Automatic progression (next day's workout is available as soon as you log current session)
  • Delivered via HELIYO Mobile App
  • $20 monthly provides full access to Upper Body Program
  • Includes video demos, an in-app timer, and detailed instructions to ensure correct execution

Resistance Band with Handle (light)

  • Description: an appropriate band would be able to hook around a pole or hook to a wall at varying heights. It should have a handle on one end. It should be very light in resistance (3-7 pounds)
  • Heliyo's Pick: Crossover Symmetry 

Mobility Ball (Large)

  • Description: Moderately hard ball. Approximately the size of a softball.
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint


  • Description: Relieves tight muscles in hard-to-reach areas like the neck, back, and shoulders
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint

Rings / TRX

  • Description: Suspension training straps with handles
  • Heliyo Pick: TRX

Pull-Up Bar

  • Description: bar setup for strict chin-up, pull-up, or active scap isometrics and isotonics
  • Heliyo Pick: Rogue Fitness

Dumbbell or Kettlebell

  • Description: any 5 lb dumbbell or kettlebell (only one required) would be appropriate for this program.
  • Heliyo's Pick: Rogue Fitness

Foam Roller

  • Description: any generic foam roller with matting works
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint

Mobility Ball (Small)

  • Description: hard, rubber ball. Approximately the size of a lacrosse ball
  • Heliyo Pick: Lacrosse Balls Store