$20 / month

If you feel mobile and stable above the waist, but want a comprehensive program to increase that mobility and stability from the waist down, get this general Lower Body program. Spend 20-30 minutes each day shutting down overactive muscle tissue and rewiring the muscles you should be using in day-to-day activities and in CrossFit.

Program includes

  • Lower body-biased mobility including soft tissue release of commonly tight lower body muscle groups
  • Lower body activation progressions to stabilize the lower extremity joints through dynamic range of motion


  • 20-30 minutes in duration
  • Automatic progression (next day's workout is available as soon as you log current session)
  • Delivered via HELIYO Mobile App
  • $20 monthly provides full access to the Lower Body Program
  • Includes video demos, an in-app timer, and detailed instructions to ensure correct execution

Mini Resistance Bands (Light, Medium, and Heavy)

  • Description: 3 mini bands intended for resistance just above the knees. They should come in varying resistances (easy, medium and heavy)
  • Heliyo’s Pick: Perform Better

Mobility Ball (Small)

  • Description: hard, rubber ball. Approximately the size of a lacrosse ball
  • Heliyo Pick: Lacrosse Balls Store

Foam Roller

  • Description: any generic foam roller with matting works
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint

Mobility Ball (Large)

  • Description: Moderately hard ball. Approximately the size of a softball.
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint