The short answer, soft tissue mobilization. Becky Rowe, our Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), uses myofascial release technique to pinpoint and treat muscle and joint pains. Joint or muscle-specific tweaks and aches are commonly caused by a muscle spasm in the surrounding muscle fibers as opposed to trauma to the joint itself. By releasing the muscle tissue, your brain signals your body to relax, allowing the joints to move the way they were built to move.

Often times we treat body aches and pains with a mixture of pills and audible complaints to anyone who will listen, only to have them return once the medicine wears off. Body Work addresses the real cause of the issue. Body Work provides immediate relief for common injuries AND is a great tool for injury prevention. Our ultimate goal is to make you self sufficient by giving you the tools and exercises you need to stay healthy without a prescribed number of sessions.

Body Work is targeted soft tissue therapy, meaning we are addressing specific problem areas as opposed to general soft tissue work. When our PTA works on you, there is a purpose behind, and scientific reason for every technique.  Target the problem areas to feel better and move better.

Muscles determine the way the bones move within the joint, whether they roll and glide as they should OR if they catch, click or crack. Fixing the muscle tissue enables the joints to function properly, whereas adjusting the joints themselves will only temporarily set them in place. If the muscle is in spasm, it will ‘pull’ on the joint causing discomfort or pain. We address the cause of the problem, not the symptom!

60 Minutes of manual soft tissue work by a medical professional

Personalized assessment of your soft tissue needs

Reduce tension in overactive muscles

Restore functional movement to tissues and joints

Membership Benefits:

25% discount on Heliyo Services

Fees count as credit

60 or 120 min of Body Work included monthly

Month to month = no long term commitment