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In person
group Training

This is not another group class. While mainstream group classes can be fun, they typically fall short in a few critical ways:

  1. The coach or instructor follows a generic, copy & past workout
  2. There is no long term plan with progressions, and overload
  3. The coaches are cheerleaders more than coaches

For these reasons, many build muscle compensations over time that can lead to fitness plateaus or worse, injury. We accept small groups who share goals, backgrounds, or needs. Because our groups have such fundamental similarities, we can provide a more targeted and purposeful program, coaching that corrects movement, and the accountability and motivation of in person group training. HELIYO does team-based fitness better

virtual group

Our Virtual Group Training sessions are designed for those of you that aren’t able to work out together in the same physical location. We want you to have the ability to work out with your friends, old teammates, family… Whoever! without the restrictions of physical proximity

Virtual group training sessions are built around the team you select, we adapt the sessions and exercises based on everyone in the group. Whether we have to adapt for age, injury, or experience – our expert coaches will ensure you get a kick ass workout no matter who you’re working out with or where you’re at

hybrid group

You can mix and match in person and virtual sessions if that works best for you and your group. With hybrid training, you get the convenience of working out in your own homes and all of the great things that come with in person group training

Getting to our physical location in Pasadena may not be super accessible to you and your group. So the hybrid model is perfect for all of you busy people who want the ability to utilize both in person and virtual training for your groupsĀ 

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