$20 / month

Elbow pain or limited range of motion is often caused by overuse of the biceps for upper body pulling movements. This program address that compensation pattern by activating the correct mid-back muscle groups and releasing the muscle groups surrounding the elbow joint.

Program includes

  • Elbow-biased mobility and stability including soft tissue release of the biceps, triceps, and forearms
  • Scap activation progressions to stabilize the upper extremity joints through dynamic range of motion


  • 20-30 minutes in duration
  • Automatic progression (next day's workout is available as soon as you log current session)
  • Delivered via HELIYO Mobile App
  • $20 monthly provides full access to Elbow Program
  • Includes video demos, an in-app timer, and detailed instructions to ensure correct execution

Resistance Band with Handle (light)

  • Description: an appropriate band would be able to hook around a pole or hook to a wall at varying heights. It should have a handle on one end. It should be very light in resistance (3-7 pounds)
  • Heliyo's Pick: Crossover Symmetry 

Mobility Ball (Small)

  • Description: hard, rubber ball. Approximately the size of a lacrosse ball
  • Heliyo Pick: Lacrosse Balls Store

Mobility Ball (Large)

  • Description: Moderately hard ball. Approximately the size of a softball.
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint

Rings / TRX

  • Description: Suspension training straps with handles
  • Heliyo Pick: TRX

Pull-Up Bar

  • Description: bar setup for strict chin-up, pull-up, or active scap isometrics and isotonics
  • Heliyo Pick: Rogue Fitness

Dumbbell or Kettlebell

  • Description: any 5 lb dumbbell or kettlebell (only one required) would be appropriate for this program.
  • Heliyo's Pick: Rogue Fitness

Foam Roller

  • Description: any generic foam roller with matting works
  • Heliyo Pick: TriggerPoint