Frequently Asked Questions

We personalize your experience every step of the way, there’s no copy and paste programming here. We learn your body & goals to build a fitness experience and individualized training program specifically designed for you and delivered by expert coaches who truly care about your health and goals

HELIYO has developed a proprietary training methodology based on  human physiology, logic & experience. We train everyone following the three HELIYO Method core principles & personalization of every aspect of your training:

  1. Prove your capability before you progress
  2. Build from proximal to distal
  3. Learn and know how to use the BIG 3 muscle groups

We prioritize education so you can take action, self-assess, and see visible, lasting improvements in both movement and performance

In this deep dive 60 minute session, we’ll learn about your body, how it moves, and WHY it moves the way it does. This and feedback from you will build the entire foundation of all future sessions. Here’s what you can expect: 

  1. Background and Goals: a review of your athletic background, injuries, and goals so we can begin to understand what has led you to this point in your training journey. What has caused those imbalances? Do you compensate to a certain side because of a current or former sport you played? 
  2. Physical Assessment: Just hearing about your background may give us insight into your movement, but now we need to test those hypotheses and see if they hold true. We’ll run you through any number of our physical assessments, whether it’s a soft tissue assessment, a body weight movement assessment, or a video movement analysis, all depending on your goals and needs
  3. Custom Exercises: Now we’ll have a much deeper understanding of your body and its needs. We’ll walk you through the exercises that are going to be the biggest change-makers for your body based on what we’ve uncovered during the session. You’ll apply the principles you’ve learned and be able to reproduce them on your own until your first true training session

We have a pricing page that breaks down the package pricing, but to sum up:

  • a 6 session package at $95 per hour session 

  • a 12 session package at $85 per hour session 

You don’t need any at all! We work on building foundations to progress you through movement and advancements in mobility and fitness properly. If anything, it’s better to come in with a clean slate – less bad habits and overcompensations to correct

We have worked with people ranging from 10 years old to 75+, from fitness newcomers, to elite level athletes… Whatever your experience, we’ll deliver training that is second to none

Our physical address is Pasadena, CA, but with virtual training you can get the same quality coaching & training from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are!

We all have unexpected things pop up out of the blue sometimes and days that suddenly become bombarded with unforeseen events. Having said that, the nature of our business is working with clients, so missed appointments are a significant inconvenience to not only your own progress, but our business, and other clients too. We respect that your time is valuable, and we appreciate your understanding that ours is too. Advance notice allows us to fulfill other clients scheduling needs and keeps the business operating at its most efficient level

  1. Appointment Changes OUTSIDE of 24 Hour Window – All services can be rescheduled or canceled outside of the 24-hour window without penalty or fee.  As with most things in life though, the more advance the notice, the better
  2. Appointment Change INSIDE of 24 Hour Window – We operate on a pre scheduled first come first served basis. If you do not give us a 24 hour notice, you will be charged in full for the full session. Please call if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for a session
  3. No-Show – Clients who make a booking and fail to be present for their designated appointment (and have not contacted HELIYO to cancel their appointment) will be charged in full for the appointment

EMERGENCIES – HELIYO reserves the right to grant forgiveness for cancellations and no-shows in the case of: sickness, family emergencies, and any other reasoning we deem necessary. It will be your responsibility to contact HELIYO in the case of an emergency to request forgiveness

For your health & safety, we will be ensuring the following precautions are adhered to:

  • Our coaches are vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Face coverings will be worn by all
  • Sanitization of stations and equipment regularly and especially between clients
  • Free hand sanitizer provided 
  • Temperature checks for anyone entering the building